Hidden But Then Revealed

When all the land of Egypt was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh for bread. Pharaoh said to all the Egyptians, “Go to Joseph. What he says to you, do.” Genesis 41:55

Who better to turn to than a Pharaoh for help? But this Pharaoh was in over his head. He was not God’s child, and his stone gods weren’t talking.

Seemingly overnight, Joseph was brought out of obscurity to a place of prominence. He couldn’t have guessed that he would sleep in a palace instead of a prison or that his administrative and prophetic gifts would be implemented for the salvation of his people. Yet, when God decided it was time for his advancement, nothing and no one could stop it. Who did the famished people turn to? To one whose name they didn’t even know the day before.

Many righteous are sitting in low places. They are gifted, overlooked, and even ridiculed. They have turned down opportunities for advancement because the pathway to the top meant compromise. The sacrifices offered out of love for God cost them dearly. There may come a time, in this lifetime, when others turn to them for life-saving advice. Their quiet lives of steadfast faithfulness to God will speak volumes when those they formerly trusted shrivel in the flames of adversity. It is only suffering that exposes the difference between the two.

When famine affects the landscape of those around me, it might just be the hour for which God has prepared me. I may not sleep in a palace, but I just might be sought for the treasures of wisdom God has cultivated in me, in secret.  I can never just assume that obscurity is forever my normal.

I never fit in the mainstream. You made me unique, and I know that my time with You cultivates the harvest of heaven’s seeds.  I may not see the extent until the time is ripe.  I trust You.  Amen

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