Why Doesn’t God Do It Everytime?

And Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord put him to death. Genesis 38:6-7

This is an example of how God deals with evil. It is but one example. He put a wicked man to death to spare Tamar and their descendants from whatever evil Er would have committed.  But here’s the question that often comes next ~ Why does God annihilate the wicked in this particular story but not others? This is the reason some say it’s hard for them to trust God. The inconsistency in His responses is a stumbling block.

There is mystery in all of this, mystery we must embrace alongside trust.  As much as we might try to explain everything in a way that fashions a box of our own making, a box that makes us feel safer, the ways of God can’t be explained nor predicted.  What we can know for sure is who He is.  Because He is holy, we can relinquish the angst of our questions.    

Some of us have seen those who do evil up close.  Initially, they came disguised to gain an entrance.  Up close, they delighted in doing their harm and, in the aftermath, we called the pain senseless. Some of us sunk into a deep depression.  Lost in the fog of disorientation, God kept speaking, wooing, and inviting each of us to bring Him the pain we suffered.  We discovered we could step outside of the middle of the story onto the solid ground of the kingdom, by faith.

For every evil committed, there is a reckoning. For every devastation, there is a promise.  God reveals Himself to the brokenhearted and promises to redeem their story in a way that eclipses their tragedy.  

Walk into the darkness with those today who think You are absent. Amen

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