The Illuminator

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. John 1:9

The Hebrew word for light means ‘to illuminate.’   Jesus is the Illuminator.  At creation, when there was darkness and chaos, the Word said, ‘Let there be light.’ He shed some light on the world and brought order our of disorder.

Do you have a situation in your life that lacks clarity? Have you been asking God for understanding? Once He chooses to bestow the gift of light, His influence over darkened minds, seizes the landscape. He illumines what is cloudy. He puts a magnifying glass over the twisted strands of thread and all of a sudden, we can see the steps we need to take to untangle what is knotted.

Yesterday, we were lost in the fog. Today, we have discovered God’s plan. Yesterday, we were grasping at spiritual straws. Today, we have what we need in our hands. Yesterday, we had faith but no enlightenment. Today, our prayers have precision, and our faith has vision.

The Word of God gives light to the eyes. Today, God is going to be the Light giver across this dark landscape. For someone, He will cure spiritual blindness and allow them to see the light and glory of Jesus. For someone else, He will turn the light on a concept that correctly diagnoses what has held them captive. For a teacher, He will enlighten a passage and give spiritual understanding for Sunday’s lesson. For a mother, He will enlighten the spiritual condition of her child so that she can apply spiritual cures. For a business owner, God will enlighten the discord within his company and lead him to replace worldly business strategies with kingdom principles.

Light is a life-saving thing. When I need it, and when God gives it, I fall on my knees in gratitude. I am responsible to take the light to the darkness and bring the laws of heaven to this earth.

Oh, Light of the world, we are Your city on a hill. Amen

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