It Appears Simple Enough

But Hamor spoke with them, saying, “The soul of my son Shechem longs for your daughter. Please give her to him to be his wife. Genesis 34:8

How many times has sin been excused because of a love professed? Affairs are condoned because someone cried, “But I found my true soul mate.” A couple who should never marry do so anyway because they profess love for each other. This seems to provide a valid excuse for most anything.

For Hamor, the king of Shechem, the matter appears uncomplicated. His son loves Dinah, got carried away and raped her, but now wants to marry her to make it right. What is the problem? The mindset is simplistic as he believes his son should marry the person for whom he longs.

For Jacob and his family, the matter was much more complicated. God wanted a pure bloodline for the coming Messiah. He told them not to intermarry. Jacob’s family should honor the promise that they made to God and turn down the marriage offer. Instead, revenge colored their judgment, so they disgraced the sacred rite of circumcision.

Is there a sin in my life that I excuse because doing it makes me feel happy? Or it brings me needed funds? It might even bring me peace and help me cope.  To honor my commitment to God, I will struggle from time to time. I must ask for the grace to obey. God promises grace, after all. I’m never allowed to take a vacation from God’s ways just because things get hard.  Doing something else might make me feel better momentarily, but detours strip tender hearts of peace and security.

How well I remember some bad choices I made because I felt ‘I couldn’t take anymore.’ Thank you for the discomfort that led to repentance and a beautiful homecoming. Amen

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