Jesus Was Also Once Despised

When the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb, but Rachel was barren. Genesis 29:31

How Leah suffered when she was given to Jacob in marriage! She was allowed no vote in the decision. She was simply a pawn in her father’s greedy scheme. Yes, she got to become the wife to the husband her sister loved. That might seem like a victory but was it really? Think of the week of wedding feasts and festivities where everyone celebrated her marriage. Her husband was in mourning because he woke up to find her as his wife. To add to the agony, she would have to endure another week of wedding festivities when Jacob finally married Rachel and truly rejoiced. There will be no way to emotionally block out the memory of that future celebration.

 “This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone.” Acts 4:11 God sees the ones others despise and he exalts them. The verse for today says that God ‘saw’ that Leah was hated. The word for ‘saw’ is the same word Scripture often uses before God intervenes for the oppressed. He ‘saw’ His people just before He liberated them from slavery. And God blessed her. She gave birth to sons who would become the twelve tribes of Israel. And the most notable was Judah – whose greatest Son was Jesus Himself.

Are you the least in your family, among your siblings? Are you the least in the eyes of in-laws?  Perhaps the least remembered in your family’s inheritance?  You wonder who in the world celebrates you. You feel either tolerated or invisible? The idea that there could be joy is laughable ~ yet is that not the same ‘laugh’ that erupted out of Sarah after a lifetime of barrenness? God saw her, remembered her, and this divine affection made her heart burst with joy.

If every Leah will look up for her affection and blessing – she will know a joy that surpasses anything the people of this earth offers.

For everyone who needs to know they are beautiful to You, show them today, Lord.

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