Knowledge Isn’t a Warm Bedfellow

So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her. Genesis 29:20

Jacob loved Rachel so much that working for seven years to be able to marry her was hardly a sacrifice. Does that not say it all? 

What is Jesus asking you to do today that seems steep? There is a cost. He said there would be. It is cross-shaped. But Paul said that it was love that constrained him to endure hardship. Ultimately, it is the absence of love that causes us to think about abandoning our faith. When things get difficult, there’s not a relationship to sustain us. I’ve learned this the hard way, experiencing a nervous breakdown in my forties that might have been prevented had my roots gone deep into the love of God.  I say what I’m about to say with more passion than words can capture ~ a knowledge of God without an experience of Him does not fuel endurance.  Nor does it offer joy.  Intimacy with God is the source of strength.

There are days each of us lose perspective. They are related to the moments Jesus spent in the garden asking His Father if He might be spared the cross. God heard Jesus’ prayer, sent angels to minister to Him, but the cross was not spared. 

And one day, no matter what we’ve suffered, we will say something similar. “I loved Him, so I gave my life.”

Internal pep talks fizzle out quickly, Lord. It is Your presence that gives me supernatural strength. Amen

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