Scared and Hard On Myself

So the LORD replied, “If I find fifty righteous ones within the city of Sodom, on their account I will spare the whole place.”  Then Abraham answered, “Now that I have ventured to speak to the Lord – though I am but dust and ashes, suppose the fifty righteous ones lack five. Will You destroy the whole city for the lack of five?” Genesis 18:26-27

I must know the nature of God for my prayers to be effective.  If I don’t petition a holy Judge, I will be arrogant.  If I don’t petition a loving and tender Father, I won’t ask for too much.

Abraham spent a long time pleading with God, searching His mind on the matter of how many righteous would be enough for God to spare the city of Sodom.  Abraham didn’t know what His answer would be so he pressed God to reveal the limits of His grace.  He was both bold, and humble, as he took his request to the absolute limit.

I have been blessed enough to be near a few great men and women of God.  One thing they had in common; they asked God for the unthinkable.  They didn’t doubt at all that He could give them what they asked.  Most were visionary, type-A personalities and faith were in their spiritual gifting.  Oh, but not all!  I also knew a soft-spoken leader who asked with confidence.  Boldness does not necessarily equal arrogance.

My childhood was spent near some who were extremely timid but called it humility.  I was also near to a few who were arrogant but called it faith.   Both were wrong and led others astray as to what it was to be Spirit-filled.  To hate oneself is not humility.  To lead boldly with no regard for the well-being of people is not wearing the kind of spiritual power Jesus modeled.

Abraham had your ear and favor.  You didn’t walk away from boldness because he knew his place.  He knew he was ‘dust and ashes’ yet loved and favored by You.  Amen

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