From One Kind Of Princess to Another

And God said to Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name.  Genesis 17:15 ESV

The name Sarai means ‘princess.’  So does the name Sarah.  Supposedly, at first glance, they could mean the same thing.  Ah – but they don’t, only because the ones who named her did so for vastly different reasons. 

Sarai was once of nobility among her people, she was her father’s princess.  She was the center of his world, and the name was all about her position and pecking order.  However, once God spoke her name, she became one who would share in the covenant God made with Abraham.  She became God’s princess, the foundational matriarch of God’s new nation. 

When a baby is born, his parents give him a name.  How he feels about it depends on whether he is valued, even how his mother and father say his name.  He will respond accordingly.  Is his name spoken with joy?  Is it whispered tenderly as he is rocked to sleep?   Was his name played with lovingly until an endearing nickname emerged?  If none of the above is true, he probably not only dislikes his name but struggles to like himself. 

Something happens when God calls our name.  The very voice of Love speaks.  It’s unique sound impacts our soul and our spirit.  The affection that comes with its delivery goes deep and begins to heal all other forms of rejection.  There is no way God can touch anything without its properties changing, even when it’s the human heart.   

You are personal and eager to show Your love in ways I’ve never even thought of asking.  Expand the possibilities.  Amen

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