When I Make Choices With My Senses

So Lot chose for himself all the Jordan Valley, and Lot journeyed east. Thus they separated from each other. Abram settled in the land of Canaan, while Lot settled among the cities of the valley and moved his tent as far as Sodom.  Genesis 13:11-12  ESV

Abram gave Lot first choice as to which part of the land he wanted to claim for himself.  Lot chose the Jordan valley, a gorgeous, well-watered piece of property that resembled the garden of the Lord.  He chose with his eyes, with his senses.  His choice will come back to haunt him.  That which looked lush was really Sodom and he will barely escape with his life in the days to come.

I cannot assess anything correctly without consulting God. What looks lush one day can be a wasteland tomorrow.  And what looks barren today can be lush tomorrow once the hand of a miracle-working God touches it.  Does history not teach me this? 

God was clear not to judge a book by its cover, even when it comes to people.   He often chooses the least, the uneducated and the un-popular.  They can be the ones others pass over. When people choose leaders, they lean on their senses, caving to charisma and good looks.  God’s man may be someone others walk by and never give a second thought.  It was true with Jesus.

I stand at many crossroads over the course of my life.  God might call me to embrace a place, a calling, a companion, or a direction in life that appears to be wrong.  It may not glitter.  It might even repel.  I should not second-guess God’s voice.  Jesus was born in a stable, not a palace.  What seems so common can be transformed by the wind of the Spirit into something heavenly.  He turns deserts into gardens.  

I am reminded yet again that if I choose with my senses, I could very well regret it.  I will risk settling, working, and marrying in Sodom.

Abram wasn’t shaken by Lot’s choice.  He still trusted You and knew blessing was wherever You were leading Him.  I shut the eyes of my flesh and journey with You through the back door of blessing.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

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