The First Act Of Noah

Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and, taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it.  Genesis 8:20. ESV

Noah’s reaction to mercy was recorded.  The first moment his feet stepped off the ark, he built an altar and made a sacrifice.  His stock was limited.  He had pairs of each species, that’s all.  Yet, he didn’t think twice about offering half of his food supply to the Lord in response to God’s salvation of him and his family.  Mercy understood ~ equals generosity expressed. 

The offerings I make to God are a barometer of how much I believe God has been merciful to me.  If I really understand that I’ve been snatched from the fire, won’t I give everything?  Expressions like, “I can’t afford to give that much while times are hard!” will be obsolete.  When I give, God promises us an increased blessing!  When Noah offered his sacrifice, God responded with the promise to never again destroy the earth. 

The greatest thing I can lay on the altar is not a sacrifice for sin.  While Noah had to do it, Jesus came and laid on the altar for us.  In response to such love and sacrifice, my offering is not the blood of an unblemished animal but my very life. 

I lay my life on the altar.  Take it all.  Your mercy and your grace came kicking down the door to rescue me.  I’m grateful. Amen

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