Don’t Just Assume

…On that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened.  And rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights.  Genesis 7:11-12  ESV

On whatever day God chooses, He can leave us speechless.  On this day in the Genesis account, God returned the waters of the earth to their original places.  They had been relegated to a subterranean place at creation.  But on this day, they were released from their deep place to cover the face of the earth once again.  Whether a volcano did it or God just ripped the earth to release them, I do not know.  But the point is that all of this was possible because God did it.  God also caused the water canopy above the earth to descend, causing torrential rains.

Isaiah wrote of this as well.  He said that ‘God is the one who can easily open the windows of heaven and make the foundations of the earth tremble.’  (Isaiah 24:18)

During our lifetime, we have enjoyed the stability God grants the earth.  We breathe its oxygen.  We rely on the sun and the rains as if they cycle on their own.  We assume the arrival of spring and the gentle warming of the earth to grow our food supply.  We anticipate the normal length of winter and are confident that snow and ice won’t cover the earth.  Temperatures won’t go much below zero.  But why does our planet sustain life while all others are hostile?  By design.  He created, He sustains.    

The same power it took for God to re-arrange the earth for the flood was on display again when He sent His Son to die for the sins of mankind.  In the process, He defeated the evil one ~ the very one who was at work in the times of Noah.  I am overcome as I think that One so great would choose to stoop low to love sinners so tenderly. 

One day, we will see God destroy the earth again, then rebuild it.  We will see with our own eyes that He is wild and glorious.  Today though, we can experience Him as a gentle Savior.  The most fragile life can exist in the palm of His hand.

How come it took me so long to trust You completely? 

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