Walking With God Into The Dark

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.  Noah walked with God.  Genesis 6:9b  ESV

God’s Spirit is moving as an invisible wind.  He is stirring up things in the people I love, in the church I attend, even in some of the strangers I encounter.  To walk with God is to discern where and how He’s moving and then be willing to add my part should He lead me.  I’m often called to give others words to what might be tenuous inside their spirit and to then encourage them to take a risk in their faith adventure.

My involvement is needed because the work of God can be confusing for someone when it’s in its infant stages.  Like all of us, each person wonders if it is God they heard.  They took that initial baby step and are now timid to take the next one. With gentleness, I can help them pinpoint their fear and applaud how far they’ve come.  I can call out of the deep what is unknown to them, both the strengths and the challenges.  My engagement will give them the courage to step further into the darkness where God’s hand awaits them.   

These interactions can sometimes be messy, but God goes where it’s messy.  He wants me to get involved in issues that will take great wisdom to navigate.  That’s how I grow ~ by sticking my neck out when my only security depends on a word from scripture and a hunch from the Spirit.

I must build where God is building; not tearing down what He wants to construct.  I must demolish what He hates; not continually patching up what He wants to put to death.  I must love what He loves; not ridiculing what is dear to Him.  I must hate what He hates; not secretly embracing what is repelling to Him.  I cannot protect what is good for me at the expense of being out of step with Him. 

You never said it was easy but success on the steep climb upward allows me to walk with You.  I’m in!  Amen

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