When There Is No Party

Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.”  Genesis 4:1  ESV

Though Adam and Eve’s external world had radically changed from the perfect Garden to a cursed world, their inner life was still somewhat alive to God.  My hunch is that they missed Him, longed for Him, dreamed of walking with Him again as they did in the Garden.  They remembered the beauty of His character and the kind of love they experienced from Him.  How could you not grieve the memories!

Childbirth would have been so painful for Eve.  I’m confident she looked to God for help and strength. On the other side of the pain, she had to recognize that her newborn son was a miracle.  Neither she nor Adam had ever seen a baby before, nor could they have guessed that a tiny person would come from a womb. 

Probably hundreds of thousands of infants are being born as I’m writing this sentence.  Will each mother know that God was involved in the creation of her child?  Sadly, no. Will each child grow up to know that they are a unique creation of Almighty God?  Probably not. When a person lacks that knowledge, their self-worth is skewed.  The parents who spoke into a child’s life at birth shape that little person’s view of himself.  If the parents were atheists, a baby is perceived as scientific matter, not a precious life.

Let me personalize.  If my parents failed to celebrate my birth and hold me in their arms with wonder, then I will wonder at the meaning of my life.  I will have seen no evidence that I have a Creator who celebrates me. Not until He chooses to reveal Himself to me and open my ears to the sound of His heart beating fast for me, will I understand what it is to be cherished.

No one should have the right to define my worth except my Creator.  Not a parent.  Not a caregiver.  Not a child.   There is no such thing as an unwanted child in the kingdom.  Each birth is a miracle regardless of the circumstances.  Eve knew it.  Cain was the first son in a cursed world yet she could see past the darkness of her times to see the handiwork of God in the face of her son.

When it’s time to sign a birthday card for a friend, I often jot a note that says, “I am praying God will show you how HE is celebrating your birthday today.”  Just a glimpse of that will help right the wrongs of others who missed the miracle of their birth.  God can heal the gaping wounds of those who feel lost and invisible.

I am Your plan, Your creation, and Your joy.  Always was.  Always will be.  Oh, how You love me.  Amen

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