A Tasteless Meal

The Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you…” Genesis 3:14a  ESV

 God is passing judgment on sin.  At this moment, a war commenced between what was holy and unholy.  Satan’s designs for mankind had been made public; he was one who seeks to devour and destroy.  Light and darkness would never live harmoniously together.  The two are antithetical.  Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation.” Matthew 12:25. Whether the forces of light and darkness fight in the heavenlies, or fight upon the earth, or war inside the life of every believer, the battle is intense and cataclysmic. 

There can be no good outcomes when a disciple of Jesus habitually sins.  What is the result when a believer’s light is dim, when some of his deeds are evil and others are holy?  What happens when God’s family sings together and then leaves to fight and gossip?   There is confusion as we send out a mixed signal.  The spiritual meal we offer others is void of salt and tasteless.  No one wants a second helping.  

In the garden, opposites were established.  It is God’s plan for His people to continue to draw a line in the sand with their lives.  When the lines are blurred, God is misunderstood.  People can’t separate who we are from who God is.  As we misrepresent him by living in the shadows of light and darkness, the world is repelled by a God whom they assume is also corrupt, driven by double standards.  Wary, they keep their distance because they reason that he surely can’t be trusted.

Satan is my enemy.  He represents everything that is evil and dark. 

Jesus is my Savior and Lord.  He represents everything good and glorious. 

I am a child of the Light.  As I live, may there be no confusion about my allegiance.

Make me holy as you are holy.  Make evil distasteful to me on all levels. Amen

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