The Word ‘Actually’

He (Satan) said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?”  Genesis 3:1  ESV

Kids who want to break the rules at home look for excuses to do so.  They review what a parent said to see if they can find a tiny loophole.  They say to themselves, “Did they actually say I had to be home by dark?”   The word ‘actually’ encourages rebellion. 

Eve had never felt anything but the desire to worship her Creator.  She’d never rolled her eyes at Him, never entertained finding a loophole to God’s one forbidden rule.  Satan knew that if he came to Eve with an overt suggestion of mutiny, (“You should ignore God’s words.  How about rebelling?”)  she’d never buy it.  Instead, he knew he must appeal to her pride and ego.  Subtlety shaped his speech.

Discrediting God, with subtlety, is still his priority.  He knows God well but can’t be trusted to represent Him truthfully because he is a liar.  Satan’s native language is lies so he speaks them by default.  He (the devil) does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.  Jn 8:44   If he can get me to believe that God is ‘actually’ not what He says He is, then my desire to trust Him will be compromised.  Intimacy will disappear as I wonder whether He is ‘actually’ loving, faithful, and trustworthy. 

Expect arrows from your enemy that defame God’s character.  Be prepared to defend and protect your heart at all costs.

  • “Yes, God forgives.  But do you feel forgiven?  Because he didn’t forgive you for that!”
  • “If God really loved you, he’d have rescued you by now.”
  • “You aren’t very good at this job!  Sally is, though.  He must love her more.”
  • “Your son isn’t going to change.  God doesn’t care about him!  Look how long you’ve prayed.”

Whispers of lies.  No two sound the same because no two people are the same.  No two stories are the same.  Satan watches our lives like a hawk, sees what causes us to lose faith, and then crafts His comments to target our points of despair.   Each arrow is crafted with a language that sounds like us and feels natural and convincing. His arguments suggest stepping back from a faithful Father.  We must rise, be aggressive against His lies, speak scriptures about who God says He is and what He’s promised to do, and then defend the One who has not done one thing that is not for our good.

I will be listening for lies.  I won’t be passive when I hear them.  I will deflect each one with the shield of faith.  Amen

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