Chaos and Darkness

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  Genesis 1:2 ESV

Our earth originally had no order.  The darkness that is described in Genesis is not something void of light.  Darkness doesn’t even mean evil.  It means that everything was in original chaos.  It didn’t stay that way.  It was about to be overcome by the power of God’s Spirit.  Earth would never be the same.  The chaotic would become ordered and functional.  What had been dead would pulsate with stirrings of life.

There have often been segments of my life that were chaotic.  Things swirling.   Disorderly.   There appeared to be no way to set things right.  A relationship was dysfunctional at every angle.  Certain events occurred that threw normalcy into confusion and I had absolutely no control over them.  There was no peace.

If someone asked me what was wrong, I would try to find the words to describe the chaos.  I would usually give up and just say that things were messed up.  Such is the nature of the chaotic.

My turmoil needed the hovering Spirit of God.  He awaited my invitation to come and, like a mother eagle, hover over my disordered and poorly functioning world.  The Word of God entered my chaos like sharp arrows of clarity; one after another until things began to clear.  God, my Teacher and Counselor, began to breathe into my life.

If a soil sample of our formless earth had been put under a microscope, there would have been no sign of life.  But when the Spirit of God came and hovered, the brown wilderness began to morph into a green wonderworld.  That’s because wherever the Spirit of God hovers, the landscape changes.

I make a hovering prayer part of my New Year.  Come to every situation that begs the breath of Your Spirit.  Transform my parched landscapes.  Amen

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