And We Begin

In the beginning God… Genesis 1:1a ESV 

Knowing where we come from has become of more important to us in recent years.  With websites like Ancestry, 23andMe, and Cryigenics, it’s possible to trace our histories like never before.  I can’t count how many meals I’ve shared with people who are anxious to talk about the discoveries they’ve made.  They are animated as they tell from whom, and from where, their family originated. Questions they’ve had about themselves often disappear as they discover that they are not alone and, in fact, are quite like their families of origin. They will deeply connect with great, great grandparents and explore family heirlooms, journals, and pictures to see what they can learn.  Old photos are restored and hung on the walls.  Journal pages are displayed in scrapbooking projects

Along with feeling validated are also the discoveries about depravity in their family lines.  Seasons of prayer follow as they ask God to sanctify what needs cleansing.  They seek freedom from predispositions to certain patterns of sin, not only for themselves but for their children, and their children.  

If I’m willing to live by faith, I can believe that my beginnings are rooted in someone earlier than Adam.  “In the beginning God…”   Before the likes of someone like Adam ever existed, God was there.  He is the foundation of everything created and not yet created.  He is ordered.  He is structured.  He is holy.  He is trustworthy.  Behind every genealogy is a Person, not nothingness. 

To understand who I am, I must know where I came from.  And I must know why I was created.  I can’t ask a four-hundred-year-old ancestor such a question, but I can ask someone who is called the Ancient of Days.  He’s talking.  And He’s answered my deepest questions in the revealed Scriptures because the Word doesn’t withhold critical information from His creation.  My journey through Genesis will give shape and form to my personal history.

The internet provides access to  The Scriptures do better than that.  They provide access to Ancestry.God

My history began in the cradle of Your heart.  You created me. Write Your story of Genesis in my heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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