Prayer of Thanksgiving

Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them.  Psalm 119:129

Lord Jesus, my soul keeps your Word.  My soul, not my mind.  I don’t walk in your paths through the sheer grit of my will anymore.  I don’t keep your commandments out of guilt.

I remember the many years of my life when I considered your ways confining.  They hemmed me in and eroded a freedom I thought I needed.  I felt trapped by You; too scared to err too badly, too stubborn to obey, and too reticent to open my heart to you completely.

Thank you for showing me Your glory.  Your ways are spacious.  My soul loves them.  My life is no longer about compliance but joyful obedience.  What a difference.

I pledge you the rest of my days.  My heart is alive to Your love.  My mind is expanding to take in the wonders of Your truth.  My will is bent to Your will.  This is the way of everlasting life and I am forever grateful that You wooed me to Your side.


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