Hope For What?

. . while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13

Every day, I hope for things, from the mundane to the critical.  Each reminds me that this world is so flawed, broken, in desperate need of saving.  Here are some examples we can all relate to. 

I hope for insurance to work out for an upcoming medical procedure. 

I hope to find a repairman who can come and fix a malfunctioning dishwasher. 

I hope to find common ground in an argument I’m having with a friend.

I hope to find a medicine or natural supplement to manage pain. 

I hope for a broken relationship to be reconciled.

I hope for personal victory regarding a life-long stronghold. 

Once we start listing things, it’s easy to create a list that is pages long. 

And so today, we wait for the hope of Jesus’ appearing.  With Him comes the healing of all things, the end of everything that frustrates, or even worse, torments.  But the greatest hope to be satisfied is the longing to see the One who is Perfect Love.  We can finally put a face to, what has only been, our heart’s experience of a Savior.  We cannot picture nor paint His face.  Ah, but soon!  Our spiritual incapacities are only for now.

Jesus is anxious to come and since He doesn’t know the time or the hour He will be sent to rapture us, I can picture Him asking His Father repeatedly.  “Now can I go?”  His desire to be with us is stronger than any desire we may have to see Him appear.  His love is more powerful than ours, purer than ours, far more unconditional than ours.  The ache He must feel to bring about that moment when the trumpet sounds cannot possibly be understood by us.  He’s known us from before the foundation of the world.  We’ve known him only decades.  He knows what awaits us.  We only know in part.  He can look into the future and see happy reunions of friends and family.  We can only wonder at the joy.

 We wait for Hope.  Hope is deferred but it’s guaranteed. 

I keep looking for a break in the clouds. Amen

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