Connecting Doctrinal Dots

You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine. Titus 2:1

Apart from the weighty task of choosing elders, Titus was also commissioned to teach sound doctrine.  It pretty much guaranteed him explosive feedback with the false teachers that had preceded his arrival.  His job wasn’t easy whether choosing elders, confronting the wolves among the flock, or teaching doctrine for course correction.

Doctrine should always affect lifestyle.  The dots connect between my behavior and my beliefs, between choices and convictions.  The way I conduct my life reflects the truth that I know.  While there is not a chapter a verse for every situation, the whole counsel of scripture provides a context for making a righteous decision.  Sound doctrine intersects the diverse circumstances of life, life inside, and outside, of a classroom.   

If I believe that all scripture is inspired and God-breathed, I will live deliberately and prayerfully, honoring the Word that captured my heart, soul, and mind.

If I believe that Jesus was divine, one with God the Father, I will live a cross-centered life, humbled and grateful that Jesus paid for my sins. 

If I believe that Jesus is coming again, I will detach from things that pass away and invest in the kingdom that lasts forever.

If I believe that God created mankind, I will bear no prejudice to race, color, or creed.  Each person will be seen as an object of God’s love, their soul precious enough to be sought after by Jesus. 

How would the damage from false teaching on Crete be corrected?  How would so many believers, engaged in perverse learned behavior, begin to love what God loves? By a diet of sound teaching ~ carried by the wind of the Spirit of Truth.  Titus knew all that was at stake, how messy a process this would be with so many people he knew well, but he knew the power of the Gospel and believed God when He said that ‘Light overcomes the darkness’. 

Examine your church, beginning with me.  Whatever is foggy, skewed, out of line, reorder me through the power and purity of Your Word.  Amen

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