Can I Really Be A Conqueror?

No, in all these things (tribulation, distress, famine, nakedness, danger & sword) we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.  Romans 8:37

What does it mean to be a conqueror?   To be a conqueror of suffering?  This verse might lead me to believe that by doing ‘something’, I can get rid of the suffering.  Is there some magic prayer, or the reciting of a series of verses, that will eradicate tribulation, danger, and distress?  What do I do when I’m afraid of the future?

Only time with God and getting older has revealed the meaning of this promise. I’ve finally learned that what God is enabling me to conquer are the temptations that come along with suffering; i.e. despair, hopelessness, the feeling that God has forsaken me, and every other sort of bad theology that is usually embraced when trials come.

What are the weapons God makes available to me to ensure that I will come out of suffering with my faith in tact?  The Word of God.  It is a rudder which keeps my head on straight when my heart is on the roller coaster of life.  Good theology is a necessity.  Solid beliefs about God and His sovereignty are my anchors in the storm.  While my emotions are tossed around like a twigs in a tornado, God’s promises hold my beliefs in check.

Ultimately, this is a battle for faith.  If my theology remains sound while the storm around me roars, my trust in God does not waver.  All those who abandon God in hard times do so because their trust erodes into distrust.  Their feet were not firmly planted on the solid rock of the Word, who is Christ.

I will never survive a trial, with my relationship with God in tact if I am not meditating on the Word and asking God to write it deeply on my heart.  The forces of pain and the voice of the accuser are just too strong a force when they come against me in a weakened condition.  God is a strong tower that prevents my defeat.  When I cling to every Word He speaks, His arms hold me fast.  I can conquer every mental and emotional frailty.

The three men in the fire were not singed.  You were there standing in their midst.  No matter what I may suffer, Lord, keep the flames from touching the borders of my faith.  Amen

Journal Question:  Over what situation have you given up today?  Pinpoint the exact reason why.  Does it boil down to faithlessness?  Would you be willing for God to stir the embers of faith through the power of His Word and His love?  Talk to Him about it.  Eventually, despair leads to anger, then a cold war.  Who do you have in heaven besides God?

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