It’s No Contest!

What then shall we say to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?”  Romans 8:31

Who is against me?  The enemies of Christ – which are the world, the flesh and the devil.  All three appear formidable.

I am valued by God.  He has given me gifts to use.  Yet real enemies in the form of the world, flesh, and devil undermine me on a daily basis.  I am caused to question my value and my gifts are ridiculed, minimized, or ignored.  Can they defeat God’s purposes for my life?  Sometimes it appears that they do and if I doubt God’s power, I fear that they are winning.

The world (who rejects Christ) is also against me because I love the One they stand against.  Those who are really offended by Him are also afraid or offended by me.  I have extended family members, still unbelievers, who bristle at any mention of Christ.  When with them, there are no questions asked about Daughters of Promise, my work, my heart, and what I may be reading or learning.  I can be loving and attentive to them and their needs but Christ stands between us no matter how gracious I may be.

The flesh is also my enemy; the flesh in me and the flesh in God’s other children.  When I love what God hates and want my own way, my own flesh becomes the enemy to God’s best plans for my life.  When others love what God hates and want their own way, their flesh becomes the enemy to God’s best plans too.  Many churches have attempted to destroy a righteous man because their flesh took over.

The devil is also my enemy.  He is a scheme-weaver; ever busy trying to undo the potential of God’s children at work for the kingdom.

If I take the world, flesh, and devil and put them all together – and weigh them against the person and power of God, there is no contest.  If I ever feel that people have destroyed my life or have ultimately kept me from God’s purposes, I can rise up to hear good news today.  Nothing and no one can win against God’s sovereign purposes for my life.  If I am following Christ, am prayerful and trusting, even the greatest setback is not going to ruin my future.  Though it appears like I have been defeated, God is working behind the scenes to accomplish what I was born to do.

When Satan wages his best, thinks he’s succeeded and dusts his hands off and declares, “That’s that!” ~ I can know that God is preparing a word, an intervention, and a series of events that will bring a stunning new reality into view.   I remember that the cross appeared to be Satan’s greatest moment of victory.  In reality, the cross was God’s idea and Satan was a pawn in the greater plot of redemption.

I rest in the cradle of your power.  Amen

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