If I Am Alive To God, Then . . .

But if Christ is in you, although the body is dead because of sin, the Spirit is life because of righteousness.  Romans 8:10

If Christ lives in me, I have full access to Him; everything that He is and everything that He has promised to give to me. He withholds none of it. He plays no games. I am not used for sport. He is not emotionally unavailable. He does not make me earn His approval. As my Savior, He opens His heart and lets me in without restrictions. This level of intimacy is to extend in both directions. I have been given full access to Him and He wants full access to me.

You’re familiar with the term, “He’s dead to me.” It is usually spoken by one family member regarding a relationship he has with another member of the family. One, or both, has declared the relationship over. Access is denied. The time for reaching out has passed. The heart is closed. This, unfortunately, can describe some of the dynamics that are in place between us and God. Oh, this should not be.

  • If I am alive to God, His voice quickens a response inside of me.
  • If I am alive to God, His feelings about me matter.
  • If I am alive to God, His promises are lifelines and His warnings are heeded.
  • If I am alive to God, His words are a rudder for how I approach everything.
  • If I am alive to God, every obstacle that would cause me to be suspicious and distrustful of Him is addressed immediately.
  • If I am alive to God, I won’t hide in corners.
  • If I am alive to God, I won’t withhold expressions of love and worship.

There are times I have felt estranged from God, not because He went away from me but because my own heart was in a bad place and I pulled back from Him.  Even though God was near, I made myself numb to His impact.  Ah, but when I am alive to Him, how differently it feels. The contrast is exhilarating as I relax in perfect holiness.

This is what comprises progressive sanctification.  As I am open and yielded, I am changed by every Word He speaks and every move His Spirit makes. I am caught up into the rhythms of the Trinity and know what it is to feel eternity in my heart.

  Lord, I will stay alert so that no one, and nothing, can try to shut down my heart, or even to numb it.  I will keep it with all vigilance. Amen

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