What’s The Difference?

And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not. Malachi 3:18

God tells His people that when they are in heaven, they will ‘again’ see the distinction between righteous and the wicked. “Far be it from me”, God says way back in Genesis, “that I should treat the righteous and unrighteous alike.” We expect to see such distinctions when God judges the peoples of the earth and separates believers from unbelievers. But, can we tell a difference today?

After all, everyone lives with the effects of the fall. We suffer unjustly at the hands of ungodly men and women. We are all vulnerable to COVID. The many hurricanes which have plagued our southern states have devastated Christians and non-Christians alike. Yet, God says that we can tell the difference how we handle adversity.

  • A child of God experiences peace in dark times. The unbeliever flounders without a compass.
  • A child of God exerts his authority over the dark forces at work. The unbeliever is captive to them.
  • A child of God is able to hear the voice of His Father, the voice that comforts him. The unbeliever is desperate for consolation.
  • A child of God has his eyes set on home. The unbeliever lives with a nagging fear of death.
  • A child of God knows the power of prayer to affect his life. The unbeliever is limited by his own problem solving skills.
  • A child of God looks for the supernatural redemption of his pain. The unbeliever finds pain senseless.

Which one are you? Oh, if you don’t yet know the a luxury of being a child of God, I pray that, even now, God is setting your heart, mind, and will free to hear the Spirit of God calling you to faith so that you, too, may find your home in Christ.

Thank You for taking up residence in me. There begins the distinction. Oh, how great is Your love. Amen

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