No! I’m Not Giving Up On Him!

But we are not those who draw back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and obtain life.  Hebrews 10:39

There are some beautiful stories in this world.  One plotline goes like this ~ Two people are traveling together.  One is severely wounded and can no longer move.  He must stay behind while the other goes for help.  The one who leaves promises to return but you know that this promise will be tested with time.  As the situation deteriorates and there is no sign of his coming, the one in peril thinks to himself, “It doesn’t look to me like I’ll be saved!”  There is mounting evidence of a broken promise but ultimately, love and trust wins.  The one who waits perseveres because, in spite of the odds, he knows that the love and loyalty of his partner will not fail.  Sure enough, when things are most desperate, help arrives.  The one who has hung on whispers, “I just knew you’d come!”

Jesus is good for every promise He has made, including the one where He promises to come back for me.  The better I know Him, the more confident I am of that He is trustworthy.  I will not withdraw and distrust him when things gets hard.  As this world deteriorates, trust in His heart and His promises sustain me.  The harder the times, the more my faith is tested and the more my faith thrives.

Think of the strongest child of God you know.  Where was their strength born?  In the trenches where their faith was tested.  Faith begins as a weak muscle.  The more it is exercised, the stronger it becomes.

The writer of Hebrews says that those who have faith obtain life.  Immediately, I picture heaven.  Faith in Christ guarantees me eternal life but this phrase can also be translated ~ Faith preserves my soul.  That’s not life-deferred.  That’s life-now.

Preservation is promised to my soul ~ the homeplace of my feelings, thoughts, and desires.

  • Faith in Jesus thrives in my heart.  Fear and doubt don’t infect my mood.
  • Faith in Jesus dominates my mind.  Lies will not overtake my thoughts.
  • Faith in Jesus shapes what I want. I desire Him above my own comfort, above anything and anyone that promises a counterfeit relief from the pain.

What is causing you to draw back today?  Where are you scared to trust?  Where do you taste death instead of life?  You need not succumb to defeat.  Faith can win.  It begins and ends with a review of God’s promises and God’s character.  Shun the love-killer and all of his lies.  Life can be yours right now – at this very moment.  He will not only come for you, He’s here now.

Let Your daughter perceive You. Open her eyes to see You.  Open her ears to hear Your whispers.  Speak to her in the deep places of her soul and bring life to the places where life is tenuous.  Amen

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