I’m Never Sorry I Trusted Him

When I think of your rules from of old, I take comfort, O Lord.  Psalm 119:52

On a bad day, it’s hard to believe that God is working behind the scenes and is as faithful as He promised.  I must take my narrow lens that focuses on this moment and widen it to include the testimonies of the saints from across the ages.  Would any say, at the end of their lives, that God had failed them?  Would any say that their trust in Yahweh was foolish?  Would any say that God hadn’t been faithful to all of His promises?

When any of us looks behind us, we have the beauty of hindsight.  We recognize God’s fingerprints even though, at an earlier time, they were indiscernible.  Our circumstances invited us to indict God and give him a guilty verdict but time corrected our perspective.

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more stories I accumulate of His faithfulness.  My life’s story reads like a long love saga.  As I review the crises, the disappointments, the desperate moments, I can see that God’s love was manifested in so many ways.  His care for me was tender.  His sovereignty had no fractures. His strength bore my many questions.  His understanding trumped my painful accusations.  His plan prevailed inspire of my detours.  This kind of review builds my confidence for today’s challenges.

If there was never a saint who trusted God and was sorry, then why should I think I’d be the first?  For all time, He has been faithful.  In every place my heart currently faints, I dig my heels in kingdom soil.  I remain resolute in the goodness of my Father.

I love our history, the story of You hovering over me.  I live in the truth of our memories.  Amen

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