The Spiritual Gifting of Jesus

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.  Luke 4:1

And so began Jesus ministry.  After His baptism, He emerged from the water full of the Spirit and went into the wilderness for testing.  

There are things I often wonder.  Did Jesus have an edge over the rest of us as He functioned in ministry?  There are reasons I suspect this is true.  He came from the Father and perhaps had memory of their relationship and how the kingdom worked. He was perfect and, because of that, sin did not bring its bedfellow called deception. He had clarity the likes we’ve never experienced.  He could hear God perfectly and discern each situation with pinpoint accuracy. 

I consider the times He knew people’s thoughts before they spoke.  In the book of John, He said that ‘He trusted no one for He knew their hearts.’  If He was never fooled by anyone, then He must have known them through and through, unlike us.  He was the discerner of thoughts and read them like a book.  

He might also have had foreknowledge of everything that was going to happen next.  When He said that He ‘must needs’ go to Samaria, maybe He knew exactly who was coming to the well, her name, her story, and her ultimate conversion.  Perhaps there was no suspense as He sat on the side of the well and waited for her arrival.  

He did know that Peter was going to betray Him while in the upper room but perhaps He also knew that their relationship would be restored on a beach after His resurrection.  This is probable because Jesus also predicted Peter’s crucifixion.   

Yes, Jesus was God-man.  He was tempted like us.  He hurt like us.  But the spiritual gifts that defined Him were not similar to ours.  He was God – and possessed the mind of God – even though He was man and subjected to many of the physical and emotional limits of man.  

Nonetheless, powerful moments in Jesus’ life invite us to ponder them once again.  What have we missed?  And how will these new discoveries change how we see Jesus and ourselves?   

I think I know You well, Jesus.  But how could I?  You are vast beyond measure.  Surprise me and I will be humbled to worship.  Amen

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