The Darkness Emboldens

All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. John 3:20 NLT

The darkness makes mischief-makers bold.  Most sexual abuse happens at night because victims are probably sleeping and can easily be preyed upon.  Many other crimes happen at night, too.  Under the cover of darkness, evil men creep around to unleash destruction, whether person or property.  The fact that no one can see them lessens the risk of them getting caught.  The intensity of the crime increases as they are emboldened by their invisibility. 

I’m convinced that the dark forces of Satan’s kingdom work in the dark too.  Though most of us have never seen a demon, we imagine that they lurk in the shadows.  Paul warned in Ephesians 4:12 not to stuff our anger out of sight lest we put it down into the darkness.  The implication is that nothing good happens outside of the Light of God’s grace. 

Add a few spotlights to a home property and you have more protection.  Light exposes what is hidden.  Just as it is in the physical, it is often in the spiritual.  The Light of the world enters the room and men instinctively know that He can see clear through to their soul.  The intents of their hearts, their innermost secrets, are not hidden from the Light of His gaze.  For the one who loves his sin, there is much to hide.  The evil person shrinks back and runs back into the shadows. 

If only sinners could stay long enough in the Light, they would experience uncomfortable exposure, yes, but they would also bask in Jesus’ love and hear the call to adoption.  It is a wooing to leave captivity in exchange for freedom.  To leave a life of sin in exchange for a life of conformity to Christlikeness.  To leave the shadows for God’s circle of light.  What peace awaits anyone who decides to embrace Christ and live in His presence.  No need to hide.  No need to fear.  No need to fear disclosure.  This is the person who sleeps peacefully at night.  Few regrets.  Whatever remains is calmed by the assurance of God’s redemption. 

The question for each person, and I’m asking myself this as I write ~ ‘Am I, in any way, afraid of the Light of my Savior?’

I want to live, always, confident in our eye contact.  I am a dancer in the Light.  Amen

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