When I Don’t Know what I Want Quite Yet

Jesus looked around and saw them following.  ‘What do you want?’ he asked them.  John 1:38 NLT

Two men were so drawn to Jesus after His baptism that they stopped everything and started following Him.  Jesus, sensing them behind Him, asked them, “What do you want?”  

I’m not sure they knew what it was they they were seeking.  You know how it is when the Spirit of God stirs your heart and the impact is still wordless, right?  You’re aware of something shifting but you can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together yet.  I believe this was what happened with these two disciples.  Jesus drew them both but they didn’t fully know why.    

They answered Jesus.  “Where are you staying?”  In other words, We want to know where your home is because we want more time with you.  Jesus wasn’t put off.  He told them to follow, that He would take them to where he was currently living.  He was accessible then ~ and still is. 

Christianity is the only faith that is intimate.  Leaders of religious movements develop a leadership style that keeps their followers at a distance.  The bigger the movement, the more out of reach they become.  But Jesus remained accessible to the people.  Yes, there were times He retreated to pray, to rest and restore, but His invitation was true and heartfelt.  “Come unto me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”   It was relevant in 30 A.D. and it’s relevant now as His Spirit comes close to draw me in. 

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has numbered the hairs of my head, has kept every tear I’ve shed close to Him, and engraved my face, and my name, on the palms of His hands.  Every promise, personal and lifechanging, He has written on my heart for safekeeping.

Jesus, as you were with these two disciples, You are with me. You crook your finger and invite me home.  I’m mostly unaware of my vast emptiness, and Your great sufficiency, until I take you up on your invitation.  Amen

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