Co-Creators ~ Minus The Conflict

God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.  John 1:3 [NLT]

God and Jesus. Co-creators.  Not Creator and Created-One.  Both God.  Both infinite.   Co-artists and designers of the heavens and the earth.

These two parts of the trinity worked together in tandem. There was never a glitch in their relationship.  In their glorious perfection, they did their work in a harmonious partnership.  There was no tension in their creativity.  There were no disagreements over ideas.  There was no striving for prominence.  Competition was absent.  There was no withholding of praise for the other’s work.  In the beautiful slow dance of the Three-in-one, ideas were born, developed and expanded, and then implemented without interruption.   

What can I learn from their holy synergy?  A lot.  Two people who work together in the flesh will clash.  Even collaboration at its best.  Ah, but two people, full of the Spirit, sample a taste of God-head synergy. Obsessed to glorify God, they enjoy many of the same characteristics God and Jesus experienced, an absence of tension, disagreements, and competition. When there’s a hiccup produced by the flesh, they rely on supernatural help to identify the problem and then work things out until kingdom rhythm resumes.

I am not like you, you are not like any other.  In our differences, there can be joy in kingdom collaboration.  Have you known it?  I have.  They are usually the endeavors where everyone involved gathers on their knees to seek God’s help and blessing. 

So much is still being created that has never been created before ~ by You, Yahweh, and the Word.  Together, You both speak things into existence that nurture my world.  Thank you for constructing my path today.  Amen

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