Can My Enemies See My Table?

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  Psalm 23:5

There are two stunningly beautiful things about this verse.  

  1. There is a table that is being set for me, prepared by God Himself.
  2. It’s on display for my enemies.  

God prepares sumptuous meals no matter the season.  When I’m resting, it’s green grass to nibble on and enjoy.  When I’m working, it’s fuel for my labors.  When I’m with kindred spirits, it’s the fodder for rich conversation.  And when I’m with enemies, it’s my life-source for strength.  Nothing else will sustain me. 

The thing is ~ it’s the same Word ~ with the same power ~ from the same Father ~ all the time.  What changes is my need and my application.   The more dire the circumstances, the more life-giving the spiritual meal. 

It is humbling enough that God prepares the feast.  Even if He didn’t customize what’s on the table, I would be in awe that He called my name to come and dine.  But considering that He has anticipated my circumstances ahead of time and discovering that the table spread out before me reveals delicacies fit for royalty, I am arrested in place by this kind of love.  Who does this?  Once in a lifetime would be enough but this banquet table is there any time I want to go partake of it.  

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  I John 3:1

Do my enemies discern that such a spiritual meal exists?  Oh yes, and it confounds them.  They wonder why I don’t give up, why I still trust God, why I’m not bitter, why I’ve not conceded in the battle, and why I have the strength to keep going until the end.  They may not see the awe-inspiring spread on God’s banquet table up close, but they know it’s there.  They see its effects.  

As God is preparing and serving your feast, he makes your enemies sit on the outer fringe of the scene and watch everything unfold. They see the Lord himself spreading your table with food, escorting you to your seat and waiting on you. Then they watch as you fill up your soul with heaven’s delightful fare. I tell you, no demon power, including the devil himself, could ever comprehend this kind of love, mercy and grace.             From David Wilkerson

Lord, I smell the bread baking and hear the wine being poured.  I’m coming.  Amen

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