The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.  Romans 8:16

What do our hearts often do when we read God’s words? Yes, on some days, there’s a struggle to connect. Ah, but on other days, there’s a visceral connection. Sometimes when we read His words, when we hear a kingdom story, when we sing certain worship songs, or when we see something He created, we exclaim.  Right? Our hearts leap and strain toward God.  We are moved, wide open, and stirred to adore with a new level of passion. 

Perhaps this is exactly what Elizabeth felt in her womb when her unborn baby, John the Baptist, was in the presence of Jesus for the first time.  Jesus was, at this point, in Mary’s womb and the two women were just greeting one another.  Elizabeth felt John leap within her.  Metaphorically, I believe this perfectly captures what happens when the Holy Spirit bears witness with my spirit.

Yes, there have been a few periods of spiritual dryness in my life when I felt almost nothing.  God seemed distant even though I knew He wasn’t.  When I read scripture, it was dry as dust in my mouth.  But, I’ve come to believe that this should be a temporary place on a Christian’s journey.  For the most part, my heart should be experiencing a habitual kind of ‘leaping.’

I am not a big fan of the ‘What would Jesus do?’ bracelet.  Christianity is more than just doing what is right. Many unbelievers have a sharp moral compass and do the right things most of the time even though they don’t embrace Jesus.

Following Jesus is a journey of the heart. Truth must elicit a heart-response.  I need to live asking, “Jesus, would you help me feel what you feel as well as think what you think?”  When He does that, more of me will be fully in sync with Him.  A leaping spirit will characterize more of my life.

Perfect union. That’s it, Lord. You grafted me in, made me to dwell in the Vine for sweet communion. Don’t let me be content with anything less than a spirit that leaps in Your presence. Amen

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