God’s Wisdom ~ Make Safe Connections

I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people.  Psalm 85:8

Learn to hide yourself away with me, not only when you’re alone but also in the company of others.  In doing so, you will be oblivious to their reactions to you.  You will only know the joy of my still, small voice.  No longer will you be obsessed with the acceptance of friends and family.  Instead, your spirit will soar in that other worldly place, the realm where the things of earth are dull in comparison.  Live in the refuge of my love and don’t leave the place where My Spirit meets yours for the sake of anyone.  Not anyone.

Be careful not to join your soul to another who lives without the discernment made available by my Spirit.  If you do so indiscriminately, you risk aligning with someone who lives outside of a God-connection.  That includes many of my own children.  Few have learned to abide in me and you can be assured that their perspective on many things will be skewed.  Their input will be unreliable.  You will suffer if you rely, without question, on their judgment.  Becoming dependent on such a person puts you in jeopardy.

Don’t forget that spiritual unity that is of a Christ-kind can only exist when two people abide in me and I in them.  I have done much to teach you about what real unity is in the body of Christ.  You’ve suffered in the absence of it and soared in the company of like-minded disciples.  Raise your standards and walk wisely.  Know this, a real litmus test is whether you can pray with them and feel like you are at home with Me.

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