Getting Out Of Obedience

And Noah did all that the LORD had commanded him. Genesis 7:5

This is such a short verse in the entire dramatic account of Noah; one could almost miss it.  Noah did every single thing that the Lord had commanded him. It’s not like God told him to do just one thing either.  God gave him 120 years of detailed instructions.  Noah didn’t deviate at all from the blueprint.  He didn’t take shortcuts when something got hard.  Who had ever built an ark or a ship of any kind?  There were no people to call on for advice.  His onlookers were only scoffers.  When stumped, Noah had God and the collective input of his family to figure things out.  That’s it.

When it was time to make room for the animals, he did exactly what God said to do.  I’m one who can easily think, “I’m tired.  I’ll obey but I’ll do that tomorrow.”  I don’t see anywhere in this story that Noah rationalized and/or procrastinated.

I won’t live 120 years.  In that span of time, Noah did every single thing God asked.  I’m half that old but in the span of time I have lived, I have failed to do a few things God told me to do.  I am absolutely struck by the stark comparison.  How many times did I sense God asking me to do something where I responded, “Really, Lord?  Am I hearing you right?”  Quite a few.  In 2019, when God asked me to do something I considered radical, I questioned it.  But, I sought His face over a long period of time for confirmations and made a choice to obey.  Oh, He has blessed me and my family because of it.

At the end of my life, I pray it will be said that I followed God, though it has taken time for me to get it right.  As I understand more clearly why Noah is in the ‘hallmark of faith’ chapter in the Bible (Hebrews 11), I am deeply inspired.

What can I say?  Though some might say I’m being too hard on myself, I don’t believe I’m being hard enough.  I vow to do better and give you instant, and exact, obedience.  Amen

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