Bite My Tongue? Perhaps Not!

We’re not keeping this quiet, not on your life.  Just like the psalmist who wrote, “I believed it, so I said it,” we say what we believe.  2 Corinthians 4:13   THE MESSAGE

Who or what has stolen my speech?  God has planted a word deep within me and I can allow others to render me mute, or at best, shy.  If the word is powerful, the enemy recognized it early and sought to shape my world with naysayers.  Insights and opinions that were offered were frequently disputed.  Oftentimes so strongly, there was deep humiliation.  It didn’t take long for this child to second guess her gut and keep her thoughts to herself.

I remember the day I decided to sit on my tongue.  I was only seven.  When I spoke among those I perceived powerful, I did so with a knot in my stomach.  I seemed to always look at the world outside of the mainstream box.

I was created to speak the Word of God.  That can take many forms.  Telling stories, writing books, praying creatively, speaking God’s insights in non-conventional ways.  A pen can sit nearby but I won’t pick it up because others keep telling me I have no right to use it.  Powerlessness defines my existence as long as I remain silent.

Two things will keep me from engaging my mouth.  1.) I’m not sure that I have a right to speak because powerful people told me I should be ‘seen and not heard.’  And, 2.)  I was paralyzed by the grief of past humiliation.  I was made to feel stupid and am still feeling the leftover aftermath of others’ rejection.

Isaiah 49 says that my mouth is to be a sharp sword.  Just as the Word of God is a sword, inserted into situations that will divide truth from error, my mouth is to have the same effect when God is in charge of it.  This kind of influence commences when I rise up out of defeat and inactivity to say what I was created to say under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Though I am already using my mouth and my pen, there is something deep in me that may not have found its way out yet with the full power of God’s anointing.  When that happens, the kingdom of darkness will be jolted and the bride of Christ will tremble under its influence.  I will know the exhilaration of saying what I was created to say without the slightest hint of reservation.  I’m not there yet.  Where is timidity melted?  In the presence of Love.

Confirm Your message in me.  You are my audience.  In Jesus name, Amen

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4 thoughts on “Bite My Tongue? Perhaps Not!

  1. Thank you for breaking the silence and making Critter County. You were part of my world when I was young. I’m hoping my heart will be changed soon so that we can meet someday in Heaven.

  2. Yes, we have an audience of one.
    This also makes me think of those times when it is hard to pray. I want to express what’s in my heart but I am afraid it just won’t come out right. Then I am comforted and encouraged when I remember that it doesn’t matter if my thoughts are coming out in a tangle of words. I know that Jesus can always untangle my thoughts and words. He knows my heart , He is my heart’s interpreter.

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