Waiting and Longing

Yahweh, we have awaited you – for your name and your memorial, with longing of soul. Isaiah 26:8

What does it mean to tell God – ‘We have waited for you – for your name and your memorial’?  It means that we’re waiting to see evidence of the meaning of God’s name.  I look toward Him expectantly because I’m familiar with the many signatures that describe His character and personality. When I wait well, I have assurance that God’s names will be validated, yet again, as He brings His promises to pass.

The circumstances vary.

  • I can be waiting for evidence that God sees me – and when that occurs, I’ll know that El Roi has arrived.
  • I can be waiting for a display of God’s power – and when I see evidence of His might, I’ll know that Elohim has arrived.
  • I can be waiting for provisions – and when they come, I’ll know that Jehovah Jireh has arrived.
  • Whether I’m waiting for healing, guidance from a shepherd, or Alpha and Omega to bookend the ages with His judgements, I await a God who is defined by His many names. With so much talk these days about having a ‘brand’, each name is part of God’s collective ‘brand.’

Out of all God’s names, who is it you are waiting for?  Maybe you are hanging on by a thread.  Review the times God revealed Himself by that name to those who have gone before you.  You are bonded to them, to your family of spiritual bloodline.  See how they waited and how God made Himself known.  While He might not have answered as quickly as they might have liked, when He did come shining through, I suspect that the time felt just right.

After Lazarus’ resurrection, I doubt that Mary and Martha believed that Jesus should have come three days sooner.  They knew that they would have missed a miracle – seeing their brother walk out of the grave.  As Jesus’ disciples took off Lazarus’ graveclothes, the women knew that the ‘Resurrection and the Life’ had arrived.

I take my place among those who will make your name famous.  I long for your arrival.  Amen 

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