The Turning Or Turning Away

This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.  Isaiah 30:15

The back of humanity is groaning under the effects of the fall.  A pandemic was unheard of in the Garden of Eden but sin fractured perfection and its effects are now bringing the world to a breaking point.  Through it, we pray that all will turn toward God but we know that most will not.  They cry tears, but only the kind of tears that seek relief.  They are not interested in a king who came to save.  They shun the invitation to bow at Jesus’ feet.  Their response is to stiffen their resolve to survive on their own.

Nonetheless, a few will trust Him.  Christianity is a wildfire when spread by the hot winds of adversity.  There is nothing more magnetic to the cause of Christ than when His disciples display calm in the storm and when they have purpose in loss.  It’s harder for others to see God’s glory in me when I’m on the top of the world.  Intrigue is created when others perceive I have reason to despair, yet I don’t, when I could be sour with God, but I’m not, when I should be agitated, but instead, I’m at peace.  People’s lives appear to be similar in prosperity but in suffering, the differences are stark and unmistakable.

Today, some people will get the news that a loved one has died in ICU, on a ventilator.  They were unaware when they walked into the hospital unable to breathe, that they would never see their family again.  There is no closure for the victim’s family.  Their loss will either cripple them or cause them to fall in love with a suffering Savior.  Now is the time for us to tell them that Jesus is acquainted with grief.  He experienced a crucifixion, a gruesome death where taking a breath also became impossible.  He had no ventilator, no compassionate care.  His suffering was far worse than any who will suffer and die with COVID19 but He took up His cross willingly.  His death felt senseless to His family and friends but appearances were deceiving.  His pain had a purpose and ours can too.

There is no suffering in this present time of pain and uncertainty that does not offer redemption and meaning.

Move upon Your children to tell their stories of grace.  Amen


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