What Will I Need In The Days Ahead?

With joy you will draw waters from the well of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

From what will I need saving in the days ahead?  Eternal security and the forgiveness of sins were only the beginning of what I would need as a child of God.  So much more is offered to me in Christ.  That’s comforting as each of us faces a season, however long, of instability and uncertainty.  Christ says, “Come! Draw from the waters of salvation when you have need of Me.”  You and I need to walk into the future aware that there is help from God’s well.

The well of salvation is deep, Lord.  Help us to remember that ~

  • We need not feed on our fears, withdraw and become small; we can drink from your well of courage. You promise us salvation from anxiety.
  • We need not feel angry over the tumultuous waters that have overtaken us. We confess our sin of entitlement and drink from your well of promises.  You will bend low to save us if we come in humility.
  • We need not feel hopeless over dismal predictions. You are sovereign and your scepter of authority extends over our kings and governments.  Your children have always been safe in the palms of your hands.

We live as a people who prove that You are enough.

You give abundant life, even now.  Your kingdom is alive and well inside of me.  Amen

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