It’s Always a Surprise!

Your sun will never go down, and your moon keep back her light; the LORD will be your eternal light, and your days of your sorrow will be ended.  Isaiah 60:20

One of the things I love to do in the middle of the night is to take a verse completely apart.  Each significant word is unwrapped, the meaning captured in a journal.  After it’s dismantled, what a rewarding exercise to paraphrase it with my new understanding.  (No, the paraphrase is not inspired.  I can see some theologians wincing!)  The paraphrase is for me to personalize the Word and take it to heart.

When I encountered this verse, it was 3:30 a.m., and I thought I knew what it meant.  I almost moved on to the next but stopped.  I’m excited to share what happened next as each concept was unwrapped.

Sun ~ is God and His divine love and wisdom.

Going down ~ refers to natural and earthly things, lower in value.

Moon ~ signifies an intelligence in the natural self.

Light ~ is divine truth; knowledge and understanding that come to us from the Lord.

Eternal light ~ ‘is the fervor of the church, the zeal of those who live in love with the Lord.

Days ~ describes a state in which we are turned toward the Lord and are receiving light .

Sorrow ~ encompasses the anxieties and warfare we experience while learning the truth.

The clock said 4:30 and I was wide awake. I realized that each concept expanded in a direction I never would have gone.  I couldn’t wait to paraphrase it, and when I finished, I would go back to sleep ~ in peace.  Here’s my paraphrase.

God’s divine love and wisdom will never stoop to become earthly things, nor will my natural intelligence diminish divine truth. The power and goodness that are God, Himself, will make me as an innocent soul who lives in love with the Lord.  The days I turn toward God and seek His light will greatly affect my anxiety and my ability to engage in warfare in my fight for God’s truth.

It’s always a surprise to discover what a verse really means compared to what I thought it meant.  How many have I skipped over because of false presumptions of understanding?  A lot.  I am making up for lost time.  The big takeaway from this scripture, for these times, is the remedy for anxiety and the ingredient needed for the spiritual energy to do warfare.

Your Word always means more than I think it did.  I’m learning that this is true across the board.  You are bigger than I think you are.  Your love is wider than I can conceive.  Everything about you is too large for me to grasp and when I breathe my last, I’ll only have just begun to know You.  I love my future.  Amen

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