When The Faith Of One Grates Against Another

By faith he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.  Hebrews 11:7b

How was the world condemned through Noah’s faith?  Through his daily activity of building the ark.  Condemnation came on all those who watched, because ~

  • God spoke to Noah about coming judgement.
  • Noah believed and proved it by spending his life building the ark.
  • Noah spoke to the people about the coming judgement.
  • They did not believe, and it was their unbelief that condemned them.

So the faith of one can condemn the unbelief of the other.  People who walk in darkness can never say that they didn’t know. 

Oh, how two married people, a person of faith and an unbeliever, grate against one another! 

  • The one with peace during a trial is trying to co-habit with the one who is undone by how much is wrong.
  • The one with faith in the unseen God is trying to co-habit with the other’s logic and unbelief.
  • The one who is angry about injustice is trying to co-habit with the one who trusts God to rule righteously.    
  • The one who tries to take her children to church by herself is trying co-habit with the one who believes she is pushing religion down their throat.

By faith, Noah condemned the world.  His obedience alone did it.  And we experience the same sparks today when we live by faith.  The greater the unbelief, the more sparks there will be when we are in their company.  Jesus told us it would be this way.  “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.”  John 3:19

How often have Your children been called judgmental?  And many never opened their mouths.  Give us the grace to obey, by faith, knowing such combustible results.  Amen

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