Where Is God In This?

Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.  Hebrews 1:6

Does this statement seem a bit redundant to you?  “The one who draws near to God must believe that He exists.”  I’ve been thinking about this for days now and asking God about this scripture. 

For me ~ this is how the Holy Spirit personalized it. 

With faith, which is believing that God will do the impossible, I move toward God and believe that He exists in my situation. 

Without faith, which is not believe that God will do the impossible, I move away from God and believing that God doesn’t exist, or is irrelevant, in my situation. 

The kindest thing we can ask each other is ~ “Where is God in this?”  It forces us to consider why we have gone to a place of despair and called something hopeless.  Is God no longer alive?  Is God suddenly someone who has broken His promises?  Does God no longer love me?  Will God no longer be a faithful Father?  Though we might never voice such admissions, lamenting utter despair voices them for us. 

What is it that sends you to a desperate place today?  Let me take your hands in mine, look into your face, and then ask you, “Where is God in this?”  It’s a loaded question even though a simple one.  It’s good for me to ask you to affirm, yet again, who God is and what He says He will do. 

Is this a guarantee that He will answer my prayer in just the way I’m praying He will answer?  The hard truth is ‘no’.  He might not – but then again, He might.  So where is my hope in this uncertainty?  That no matter the outcome, He promises many things regardless.  Companionship, peace in the uncertainty, joy in the sorrow, and complete restoration of what I’ve lost in the end.  Someday, you and I will get it ALL back and more.  Nothing is really lost – just deferred with interest. 

I stretch out my faith, I draw near, and I declare that ‘You are in this’.  Amen

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