Prayer For Stillness and Composure

“The wicked are like the tossing sea, for it can- not be quiet, and its waters toss up refuse and mud. ‘There is no peace for the wicked,’ says my God.”  Isaiah 57:20-21

Tossing sea ~ agitated and angry waters


            I want to be quiet on the inside, peaceful and composed.  When stress comes, I can so easily lose my peace.  My inside world becomes noisy.  There is static.  I worry, become irritable, and obsess over things that aren’t the way I want them to be.  How I long to be like David who says that he does not concern himself with matters too big or small.  He composes himself and quiets his own soul like a weaned child on his mother’s breast.  Oh, for this self-mastery, Lord!

            I take charge of my thoughts, discard all that makes me fitful, breathe deeply of Your Spirit, and then direct my eyes toward You.  Still me.  Hold me.  Remind me that You are my refuge in the storm.  Smooth the waters so that the slightest breeze can be seen rippling on the surface of my seas.  Let me perceive the faintest edges of a coming storm so that I may come to you before the tossing sea becomes angry.  Don’t let me be overtaken by floodwaters.  I want to be sensitive to whatever would eventually disrupt my peace with You.

            You are my Peace.  I won’t think just peaceful thoughts to change the roaring of the seas.  I will think of You and turn my face away from all that worries me.  I will come home.  Amen

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5 thoughts on “Prayer For Stillness and Composure

  1. :) Can totally relate to this. When we face the storms they can toss us about, don’t they? I guess that is why I like the storms, after awhile they actually make us stronger. Having peace in the midst of storms is kind of like acquiring ‘sea legs’.

    You know sailors that live at see initially have to get used to the rolling of the ship. After a time they are so used to it they have ‘sea legs’. That is the same way with peace. The more storms we endure the more we learn how peace is just a part of life.

    When we first became homeless and started wandering peace was the furthest thing from us. It took a great deal of time to find peace when you are hungry, cold and harassed, but it is possible. :) It just takes time I guess. Once acclimated we found peace in the midst of the storm. Although it did nothing to make us less uncomfortable it certainly didn’t make the situation worse! :) I am so glad Jesus is patient with us as we learn how to acclimate to the storm and find His peace.

    May God bring His peace to you today and bless you fully.

    Homer Les

  2. Reminds me a lot of your song “Part the Waters” from “Have you ever said Thank You.” many years ago.

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