Worshiping a Servant

Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, but Christ is faithful over God’s house as a son. And we are his house, if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope.  Hebrews 3:5-6

Put yourself in the center of the plot of the following story.

Next Christmas, around December 1st, you receive a beautiful looking envelope in the mail.  It’s obviously a card of some type.  It’s as thick as a wedding invitation.  You wonder who it is that’s getting married.  You open the envelope and the inside of the flap is gold foil.  You gasp and remark out loud to yourself, “This might be the most beautiful stationery I’ve ever seen.”

Inside that envelope is another one, also foil lined, and you discover that you’ve been invited to a royal Christmas event at the home of a well-known and well-respected person.  You have several weeks to plan what you will wear.  You rehearse what you might say to the host to express your delight in being included on his guest list.

The day arrives.  You’ve got everything laid out.  You are more dressed up than you can remember being for some time.  This occasion has called for extra attention to attire and presentation.  You arrive at the home.  It is lit up so beautifully and the entrance takes your breath away.  At the door, you are greeted by the senior footman.  He has been entrusted to represent the owner and he is impressive.  His manner is gracious yet professional.  He makes you feel welcome and you are mesmerized as you watch this footman welcome each guest in the same way.

The footman further captivates you as you see his attention to the beautifully laid out table and his meticulous execution of the serving of the meal.  He never misses a beat and never have you seen a man so impressive.

The owner is there all evening and is extremely engaging.  He makes it clear that he’d like to include you at more estate events.  For some odd reason, you are in his favor.  But all these realities are mere distractions.  What arrests you, and leaves you speechless, is the footman!  You go home to tell of your experience. They are dying to hear all about your adventure but are incredulous that you never mention the owner and master of the estate, the one who initiated your invitation and signed it personally. Your stories revolve around a hired servant of the household.

Preposterous, right?  And yet, is this not what today’s scripture describes?  Moses, one of God’s servants, has become the focus.  The Son – who owns the house – is not glorified.

The Jew’s confidence was not to be in Moses, nor was it to be in Abraham, the father of their faith.  Their hope was to be placed in the Messiah.  Likewise, our confidence is not in those who passed down their faith to us.  Parents, grandparents, pastors and teachers; they are the servants.  May I never glorify feet of clay and lose the stars in my eyes for the Alpha and Omega who invited me to be His very own.  I’m feasting at His table and who else is there just pales in comparison.

Lord, I thank you for every faithful servant who has shaped my life. They testify of you and your glory begs to be seen.  I hold You high above my life and boast only of You.  Amen

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