What Words Do I Cherish?

Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.  Hebrews 2:1

 Because of everything that was just said in Chapter 1, the author urges, “we must pay closer attention to what we’ve heard.’   The message is this ~ Because Jesus was not an angel..  Because Jesus was God…  Because Jesus created the earth…. Because His story, His words, His death and resurrection are paramount to our faith….let these truths move us from just interesting facts to precious and lifesaving realities.  Whether or not his audience (persecuted Jews) listened and heeded his pleas would make such a difference in how they faced the pressures of being outcasts in society.  With their lives at stake, they really needed to be convinced of everything Jesus said.

Whose words do you value?  What makes them important to you?  Did they come from someone who held a prestigious position, or from someone who had a breadth of experience that made them wise?  Perhaps they came from someone you love ~ someone who was precious to you.  Think of it.  That is why we quote famous people.  That is why we quote the elderly who lived well over a lifetime and why we remember the words of those we love the most.

Then there are someone’s last words. I think we all hope that the people we love will say things they need to say before slipping away, something they know we need to hear or they need to confess.  Someone’s last words are important and always internalized, then tucked away, never to be forgotten.

Reviewing all this, I wonder why I’m not quicker to quote Jesus in conversations. “That reminds me, do you know that Jesus said….” doesn’t come out of my mouth often enough.  Out of all people I reference, shouldn’t His words be among the most quoted?  When I choose to be quiet about someone I profess to hold dear, shouldn’t that make me question my affection or how deeply I am persuaded?

The writer of Hebrews says that we must not let important things about Christ drift away.  The picture is one of a piece of pottery that is not carefully made. Consequently, water slips through the cracks, falls to the ground, and is no longer useful or recoverable.  I’ve had seasons where the Word was spoken and went over my shoulder.  I didn’t grab it and value it enough to make it mine.  I didn’t consider it life-saving to me.  How things have changed.  I’ve gotten very picky about my inner world and what I put inside.  I guess that goes with getting older.  Today, I’m more resolved to remember that I am called, in scripture, ‘an earthen vessel.’  Sounds like pottery.  I must let the Potter fashion it as He wishes so that it is well made and nothing of the kingdom leaks out and is prove useless.

Speak.  I’m listening for gold.  Amen


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