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Good morning,

I’ll be traveling to Colorado this week to speak at a conference and because of that, I’ll be out of my routine of studying and writing each morning.

Hebrews will continue after my return. As I was praying about what to send out, this series from a year ago seemed right.

An unprecedented number of you responded to this, as I recall, which showed me that the subject of spiritual yokes is extremely important. None of us likes the idea of being yoked to anyone or anything. The picture conjures up images of slavery and God did not create us to be bound to evil. The idea of a yoke repels. Yet, if a glorious deliverer promised any of us freedom from slavery, we would make a decision in a split second to be yoked to someone who loves and saves. That is what I must remember when I think of Jesus’ words about yokes. I needed a glorious Deliverer at salvation to yoke me to Himself. I am ‘in Christ.

I am not to be yoked ~
• To religion and live by others’ measuring stick. • To slavery and live by the demands of controllers. • To shame and live by the opinions of flawed people. • To the flesh and live like I did before I believed. • To deception and live by lies conceived at the gates of darkness

Jesus offers a glorious alternative. His yoke is easy because it’s love-driven. His yoke is gentle because it’s love-driven. His yoke is light because it’s love-driven. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the first of four yokes – the yoke of unbelief.

If God prompts you to pray for me and the men and women who will attend the 3 day conference in Colorado Springs, thank you. I hope each of us will see the power of God at work this week as His Spirit brings the kingdom to our world.

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One thought on “Plan For The Week

  1. Such a meaningful picture of Jesus yoke being easy, gentle and light because it is love-driven. It’s a privilege to take up His yoke and learn from Him📖✝️

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