We Each Carry Divinity


She was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 1:18

I wish I could go back about two thousand years and be Mary’s friend.  For now I can only guess what she might have spoken to her unborn child and also to the Father of her child.  It’s one thing to carry the baby of the one you love, but quite another to carry the baby of the One you worship!  Was her relationship with God heart-oriented before he chose her to birth his Son?  If not, carrying Immanuel certainly revolutionized the dynamics of their relationship.

It is the handiwork of God that forms all children in the womb, but how much more was God invested in the prenatal development of his Son?  What did Mary feel during those nine months?  Did her worship deepen?  What did she say to Jesus as she placed her hand over her womb?  Might we have heard her whisper toward heaven, “I can’t believe I’m carrying your child!”

Today each of us carries the Spirit of God inside.  He moved in at our conversion.  His growth is either encouraged or stunted, according to how well we nurture that new life within us.  Are we consistently aware of his presence?  Are we in awe of the privilege of being chosen to house divinity?  Do we whisper words of affection to the Spirit’s life inside?  “I can’t believe you have chosen to live in me!”

Don’t let me lose the wonder of your intimacy with me, Lord.  Amen

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One thought on “We Each Carry Divinity

  1. Thank you, Christine for helping me appreciate the Holy Spirit’s indwelling from a whole new perspective.
    It’s true, God, this amazing, mind-blowing fact is really, really true! I get to house Your very Spirit, this incredible Treasure, within this jar of clay! Words fall short as I try to grasp this incredible fact.

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