I Never Tend To Forget Some Things

“Does a young woman forget her jewelry? Does a bride hide her wedding dress? Yet for years on end my people have forgotten me.” Jeremiah 2:32

Ok, so let’s talk women stuff. Ever forget to put in earrings on a day you were getting dressed up? It felt strange and you were aware of it throughout the day. Ever put on makeup and forget the lipstick? Again, so strange. Have you ever lost your wedding dress? I doubt it. We pay to preserve it and store it in moth-proof bags or even a box made for the preservation of heirlooms.

God says that we remember things that are important to us. That’s true. But Him, we can forget. How can that be! I have forgotten someone’s birthday and felt terrible. An apology didn’t make my regret lessen either. If I forget God, do I minimize my neglect with a wave of my hand? And does this not reveal how much, or how little, I treasure Him? This is not to cause a guilt trip because my relationship with God should not be built on shame and guilt. The point is what I’m missing. By failing to invest in the one relationship where perfection awaits is my loss.

You might argue that it’s hard to treasure someone who is not standing in front of you. I disagree. If you have a friend move away, don’t you still treasure what you had and can still have long distance? If your parent, spouse, or child dies, don’t you keep their memory alive by recalling what made them special? You rehearse their sayings and mannerisms all the time. Some people even live in the past.

This series is built on the scriptural encouragement to ‘remember and review’. It’s easy to do. Remembering and reviewing, with specifics, is what will revolutionize our ability to enjoy God. Those ideas will start coming tomorrow. Are you intrigued when a friend says, “Hey, want to do something fun? Try this!” Well, I hope I feel like a friend to you. I hope you are committed and excited to engage with every upcoming devotional. The ‘try this’ awaits. The only thing better would be doing it together in person.

You are a creative God. You’re called The Creator. Why shouldn’t my relationship with You be constructed with layers of creativity! I’m made in Your image and I don’t want to miss anything. Amen

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