Do You Have Them All?

I will be taking this week off to write and seek the Lord about what is next. In the meantime, why not take time to review what has been taught so far this year. Have you downloaded all the series? They’re all free and a great way to encourage your friends, your class, or your small group.
They’re all here. Have a great week! Christine

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One thought on “Do You Have Them All?

  1. Thank you…I printed all of them. Beautiful. Lord God, during this time of rest, speak Your heart into Christine. Let Your Spirit fill her to overflowing, give her all she needs to rest. If she is feeling empty, fill her heart with Your joy,Your love, Your creativity, that she may return to her creative ability to write that which You have given her. Bring her back to the alive position she has held. Thank You Father. I give You all praise, honour, and glory for Christine’s joy as she honours You alone. In the mighty name of Jesus Your Son, who died for us and rose again because He love us so much. Amen

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