Who Are My Storytellers?

Each of our lives is a story.  Some parts are happy, some are sad.  Consider the many people who have spoken into our lives. Parents, grandparents, teachers, a pastor, childhood friends, even foster parents.  The ones who have told us the stories of our lives wield great power.  They interpreted life’s events for us as things happened and, as children, we believed them.  That’s what children do.

Think about the many things each of us have heard.  “This happened to you because you asked for it.“  Or, “This is how life works, trust no one!”   Or, “If you were more like your brother, this wouldn’t have happened to you.”   Or, “You’re stupid, lazy, and doomed to fail.” These comments, made by our storytellers, shape our lives until we cease believing what isn’t true and start believing the narrative told by the grand Storyteller, God the Father.

Whose version of your story do you believe?  There are so many from which to choose.  1.) People are quick to tell us about ourselves whether we ask them to or not.  2.) We have our own version of life’s events.  3.) Satan has a version and is all too eager to interpret life’s events for us.  “This happened to you because God didn’t take care of you.”  But most importantly, 4.)  God has a version.

You might be asking by now, “How do I know which version I believe?  How will I know if it’s God’s version or not?”  That is the critical question and is the topic of the series we’re starting today.  We’ll be encouraged and equipped to identify the lies, and the truths, that have made up our view of ourselves.  Most importantly, we’ll be unwrapping the spiritual skills that enable us to hear God’s version of our story.  His is the only one that is entirely true.  HIs is the only one that counts.  And, His is the only one that is redemptive and has the perfect ending.

I can’t count how many times my parents would read The Three Bears to me, also Hansel and Gretel.  They were among my favorites and I would never tire of hearing them.  But, today, there is a more beautiful story to be heard and I need to hear it over and over.  Too many voices in this world attempt to nullify it.   So, climb up on God’s lap with me.  Hear the pages rustle.  The air is electric with the good news to come.

I will be challenged by Your story and will need courage to believe You.  Make me a child again…impressionable and teachable.  Amen

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