If Only!

Have you ever said, “If only Jesus would come and tell me what to do!” I have. I reason that if I just knew what it was, I could easily go do it. I said that just last week to my husband.

“What would Jesus do?” has become a Christian idiom. Rubber bracelets were made to wear on our wrist, ever a reminder to consider Him before making decisions. The good news is ~ in so many instances ~ we do know what He did. We see him with the shamed. He restored their honor. We see Him with the disciples. He was a patient teacher. We see Him with family. He made them accountable to God. We see Him with His enemy. He discerned the smokescreen because Satan is a liar. In many of these interactions, a character trait of Jesus was revealed, or a pattern of behavior established. We can ask God for wisdom to interpret it for our particular situations. He promises an answer. He gives liberally.

** Download the entire series entitled,  What Would Jesus Do

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